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She's a mother, a woman of hope, motivator and lifestyle coach! Tiana who is also known as Tee, always knew she was destined for something more! After having her twin boys, she decided to step out on faith and become an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry. Where she learned that it allows the average person to start and run a business from home with no experience. She thought it would be perfect to be able to stay home with her children and make money from her smart phone! Being that she was a broke stay at home mom, living with her mother and  having a hard time losing weight..She was surprised at what the natural products have done for her. She lost 7lbs her first 5 days, 30lbs in 2 months and 45lbs in total! Not only did her health change but she has also achieved her companies G5 awards multiple times. She has been able to rank advance to the level of RISING STAR and was able to help her team rank advance also. She has worked with millionaire MLM professionals and has been personally training her team to get the results they need in their business. In the industry of network marketing, Tianatee started to learn more about herself and about the power of mindset through self development. After losing her sister from domestic violence she also became more passionate at being able to speak and help others. She understands the value of a strong health, mindset and faith in order to grow and prosper in life. 

Tianatee is now on a mission to help others who feel stuck, not knowing their true potential and strength to reach their goals and get out of their own way to a better life! Her goal is to help others become confident in themselves by sharing her journey through weight loss, providing all natural health products and coaching her team to bring out their INNER BOSSes by helping them in making an income from home. She is hoping to spread inspiration through her content. And hopes that by sharing her sisters story she will help impact many others needing help in domestic violence.

 You can lose the weight that you want to lose! You can create wealth for you and your family! You can transform your body, mindset and bank account! You are worthy! Make a decision today that is going to benefit your future. Taking the leap of FAITH and not settling for less than what you truly deserve is her message to you!

"See you at the top, cause the bottom is way too crowded"


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